Index Funds Keep Fees Low

Index funds are the low cost leader, and we use them extensively as the core choices for plan participants. Most 401(k) plans pay average expenses of  1.5% – 3%, with most fees hidden in proprietary mutual funds. Our goal….. with the low cost 401k is to lower your expenses to as low as 0.5%. That’s big savings.

However, you can also have your cake and eat it to.

Because of our unique low cost 401k platform, you can have an array of nearly unlimited investment options from the most respected fund families – not just one family of funds.  We offer thousands of no-load, load-waived, no-transaction-fee mutual funds to choose from.

Additionally, for those more astute investors, a self-directed investment option is available with a universe of ETFs, stocks, bonds, and CDs as optional investments available at no extra charge.  Learn more >

Lifestyle Portfolios

Most plan participants want investing to be simple. The simple fact is that it’s not.

However, we did our best by offering our online software tool that automatically selects and designs a portfolio of low cost funds for the participant based on their specific age and risk level.  Answer a few questions and a mix of funds and percentages are automatically provided.

This option has been so successful that over 80% of plan participants use it . Learn more >

Sometimes We All Need Help.

We all work hard and sometimes financial things can be confusing and complicated. In these time of automated machines, it’s nice to be able to talk to a real person who can who can help you. That’s where our staff of Registered Investment Advisers and Certified Financial Planners can help.

We can help make your employee’s difficult financial decisions easy…. and as an employer, you can rest easy knowing you have the fiduciary protection of a 3(38) Investment Manager.

Oh.. and by the way, if you want to talk to the same person again, you can, unlike… well you know who.

Keeping Your Liability Under Control

As a business owner or Human Resources Officer, you need to make sure that the low cost 401k plan you select meets the requirements to keep all potential liabilities at bay, as well as satisfying employees needs.

That means selecting the right low cost investments, providing help for your employees, and the electronic tools to make them happy.

We built this plan to help satisfy these objectives. Learn more >

Who Holds My Money?

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. acts as the custodian for plan assets.*

In this day and age, its important to know where your money is.  To many plans pool all investment funds at some unknown place, where they calculate the percentage of the pool you own on a regular basis. Then you log in and see your balance.

Frankly, this isn’t good enough for our clients. We designed the plan so that each participant is provided with a separate account at Charles Schwab and Company. You can call them anytime with your own account number to check your balance.

In addition to using our website to access your account, you also have the ability to access your account through That’s what I call peace of mind.

*The Wellington Group of Companies is not affiliated with The Charles Schwab Corporation or any of its affiliates.

Complete and Accurate Recordkeeping

At the foundation of any retirement plan is recordkeeping. We keep it simple and electronic. That means our costs are low and we pass that back to you.

By having your plan’s forms and educational material (including multimedia presentations) available online 24/7, WellingtonHQ makes online enrollment and account maintenance a quick & easy process for administrators and participants.

Our plans are full service, we do all of your tax filings and annual testing that’s required, and if you want to skew benefits to maximize owner contributions, we can help you with that also.  Learn more >

Online Employee Education

Lack of understanding is the #1 reason people do not save for retirement. Let us teach your employees. The more they understand, the more they will feel compelled to save. The more they save, the more they take ownership of their retirement.

A live webinar is a great way to introduce Wellington and the 401(k) Plan to your employees. This helps create a relationship where the employees build trust. To further that trust, when they have a question or want advice they are usually going to speak with the same person who presented the meeting.

Take your 401k plan to the next level.

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