Plan Administration

Administering your new retirement plan is a difficult process, there are many pitfalls that require attention to detail. Here's a small list of the essential services that we provide.

  • Establish Qualified Plan Documents
  • Enroll Employees
  • Process Plan Contributions
  • Prepare Participant Vesting Statements
  • Prepare Annual Nondiscrimination Testing
  • Prepare Annual Tax Returns
  • Process Plan Distributions
  • And much more...
Plan Takeover

Many plans originally set up by Employers on the advice of their broker and/or payroll company turn out to be lacking many key features of a well thought out retirement plan. As such, we move a large amount of retirement plans to our platform every year. Although the takeover process is a little more time consuming, it is not a difficult task. Generally the process is as follows:

  • Review Existing Plan
  • Update Plan Document to Add/Subtract Features
  • Complete Schwab Account Applications
  • Notify Employees of Change
  • Notify Old Recordkeeper of Change
  • Audit Existing Plan
  • Setup Web Portal
  • Upload Updated Plan Documents to Web Portal
  • Credit Employee's funds to account
  • Employees Enroll via Web Portal
  • Employer submits payroll
Why Choose Us?

Our main business is retirement plan administration, specifically 401(k) plans. It is the attention to detail, our educational credentials and personal customer service that separates us. Insurance companies, brokerage firms, banks, and mutual fund companies are interested in gathering assets. Plan administration is just a side business to them and you just become a number to them.

Plan Design is Important

If you are just a number to a large financial firm, we can assure you that your plan will not be custom designed to meet your needs. Every firm is different. Some want to maximize owner contributions, some employees. Most importantly, you want to pass your nondiscrimination tests annually. This is where plan design comes in. We can make sure your plan is designed to meet your needs.

Why Use Web Portals?

We utilize a state of the art web portal. All enrollment, and employee changes are done online and a record of every change is available to you, the plan manager. All contributions are also electronically submitted to this platform. For a test drive, please contact one of our representatives.

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