Administrator Credentials

When providing a retirement plan to your employees, it is important that the plan be administered correctly. Our Third Party Administrators (TPA) are Qualified 401(k) Administrator's (QKA) and receive this credential from The American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA). The QKA is an advanced credential that requires a minimum of two years experience in retirement plan related matters and generally takes 18 months to complete.

Customer Service

We are well aware of the world of poor customer service. Waiting for 30 minutes on the phone for a customer service representative or automated system that leads to more frustration is all too commonplace. Our number one goal is not have you or your employees deal with the same issue.

This is done by hiring and training knowledgable employees who enjoy their career and value customer service. It is also accomplished by having a state of the art electronic platform.

Electronic Platform

Our electronic platform was designed with you in mind. All digitally signed documents are stored online for easy retrieval. This includes all enrollment, beneficiary, investment and address changes, and much more. You can submit and retrieve payroll contributions, as well as submit and retrieve tax filings. Pretty much everything that you need to do can be completed online 24 hours a day.

Get a Call Back

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