More Choices Equals a Better Retirement Plan

Some plans limit you to 15-20 mutual fund choices. We feel this limits your ability to build a competitive portfolio. As such, we allow plan participants a virtually unlimited choice of investments. However, as a plan sponsor, you may limit which investments your participants have access to. Here are some highlights of the investments available:

Mutual Funds

Feel free to build a portfolio from the over 4,000 no load, no transaction fee funds available from Charles Schwab and Company. You will also have access to the lineup of Schwab Index funds, which have some of the lowest expense ratios in the industry, even lower than Vanguard.

Index Funds

By utilizing Schwab Index Funds, your new plan would have access to some of the lowest cost index funds in the industry.

Target Date Funds

Mutual Fund and ETF target-date fund hybrid funds are also available that automatically reallocate the mix of stocks, bonds and cash equivalents in the portfolio to match a selected time frame that is suitable for a particular participant.


You may also build your portfolio using any exchange traded ETF. All Schwab ETFs trade commission-free online through your Schwab account. And Schwab ETFs have some of the lowest expenses in the industry.

Stocks, Bonds, and Certificate of Deposit

For those who want to self manage their retirement account, you may invest in any stock, bond or certificate of deposit available at Charles Schwab and Company.

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