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Want to know more about Wellington Retirement Solutions, Inc.?

Wellington Retirement Solutions, Inc., is a provider of pension administration services that includes the design, setup and recordkeeping of qualified retirement plans while utilizing the custodian services of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Our mission is to provide you with top notch plan administration and superior customer service. Whether you are an individual with a Self-Directed 401(k), or a small business looking to start or move an existing retirement plan, we are here to help you. Wellington Retirement Solutions, Inc., is committed to providing you with the answers, the time, and the consideration that you deserve.

Start with a small service

In April of this year we started our firm. We started small and simple, providing financial planning assistance to families and individuals in the Greater Washington DC area. Our goal was simple, recommend products and services to our clients that we felt were best for them, not what our previous large brokerage affiliation wanted us to recommend.

Larger Space

As our clientele grew, so did we. We left the Tyson's Corner Virginia area to move to the small town of Chantilly Virginia and enhanced our relationship with Charles Schwab and Company. The employees said the clients would never travel this far out to see us. But as good financial planners, our rent was 60% less expensive and closer to our homes. And the clients continued to come, in fact most hated the congestion of Tyson's Corner and actually lived closer to our new offices. This is the year we started managing money independently for our clients.

Filling a Retirement Plan Need

As our company grew, we noticed that most of our clients were owners of local small businesses. They often asked about retirement plans for their employees. We orginally used outside firms to administer these retirement plans, but we felt that they all had shortfalls, so we hired inhouse accountants and designed our own software to administer the retirement plans the way we would want a retirement plan.

Hello Google and Let's buy our Office

Who knew placing a few ads on a relatively new platform, Google and the internet, would be so successful. Over the next few years, our company continued to grow and we now had retirement plan clients in virtually every state. To stop rent increases we decided to buy our office. Isn't that what a smart financial planner would do?

Chantilly Home to Technology, US Government, and Defense Contractors

I quess everyone else was thinking like us but 10 years later. The US Government started moving some of their departments to Chantilly and soon after, technology and defense companies followed. We are now on our way to managing hundreds of millions in assets.

Working Hard

Today we are one of the leaders in the low cost 401(k) recordkeeping business. Our concentration on personalized service, low cost index funds and integrity to our clients led to our success and our clients also. We thank you, our client for that.

Get a Call Back

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