Stocks, Bonds, ETF's and More . .

What is better, being limited to 20 mutual funds or being able to invest in any of the over 3,000 funds available at Schwab? Some plan sponsors like limited options, we don't. That's why our plan allows for the ultimate in investment selection. Plan participants can select from Mutual Funds, ETF's, Stocks, Bonds, and CD's. Plan Sponsors have the freedom to also limit choices. Want Mutual Funds and Bonds only? No problem. Want to limit to certain funds? No problem. That's the type of flexibility you deserve in a retirement plan.


Sometime plan participants want to build their own portfolio's using blue chip stocks or relying on an outside manager to develop one for them. Want to invest in General Electric, Exxon, or Google? No problem, simply log in to your Schwab account and make the purchase. Currently, online trade commissions for U.S. stocks are just $4.95. You can even elect to have dividends reinvested automatically.


More and more Plan Sponsors are requesting the ability to have Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) as an investment choice. ETF's provide low cost and specific sector targeting while trading as a stock. As such, you can select from hundreds of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) to build your portfolio. Most Schwab ETF's have extremely low expense ratios and can be traded without a commission.

Bonds and CD's

Some risk adverse clients and those who are allocating to a fixed income class would like to use specific bonds and certificates of deposit with fixed rates and maturity dates as opposed to bond mutual funds or ETFs. Any of the bonds and certificates of deposit available at Schwab are also available to you.

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